Gifted Children

In Gifted Children our objective is to increase the understanding of how talent develops and what factors affect it from an early age. We research how cognitive abilities and non-intellectual abilities develop in talented children, and what roles family, school, peers and society play. We strive to contribute to the improvement in caring for talented children in the Czech Republic. We provide teachers, parents and the children themselves with practical information supported by research. We identify talent, develop diagnostic methods, and work on developing the children’s abilities and on providing social and emotional support. We educate teachers and psychologists in these areas and offer counselling to talented children, their parents and teachers.


Diagnostic Screening System Invenio

Intelligence consists of many different abilities. In the long run, we are trying to find out in which abilities the child excels and which would be appropriate to develop or improve further. What if the kid's strength lies in spatial ability, but it is harder for him to learn new information? What if he has a significantly above-average logical judgment, which can, for example, lead him to get bored at school? With the help of tests entered on a computer, we can answer these questions and determine the profile of the child's abilities. Our tests take the form of simple computer games with fun graphics and a story that will captivate children and not stress them at the same time. Behind each of our diagnostic games are many years of development, verification, and analysis of large amounts of data.

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Complex screening assessment system GIS

The goal is to deliver novel, psychometrically sound standardized on-line assessment system to assist teachers in identification of gifted students. It will consist of four sub-tests: logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, processing speed and socioemotional difficulties. The system will purposely not focus solely on cognitive abilities but will target non-intellectual abilities as well, due to the fact that difficulties in these areas can effectively disguise the intellectual potential of some talented youth. The system will evaluate the ability profile and the strengths and weaknesses of the examinees, such that personalized intervention and development programs can follow. We expect the number of identified students in the 1st through 5th grades to rise dramatically by using the system.

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Research Based Innovative Model for Identification and Development of Gifted Elementary School Students in Mathematics (VOIM)

The project goal is to research the innovation, which will help teachers achieve equal access to quality education and use the potential of each student. It focuses on identifying accelerated students in mathematics at the beginning of school and validating modern methods of their development. It provides teachers with the knowledge, skills, and tools in screening and quality, methodically verified modules (educational videos, worksheets, methodology) applicable in the teaching of regular elementary school classes.

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Project iKAP JMK II

In cooperation with JCMM, we are participating in a project that aims to offer complex support for the education of gifted students in the South Moravian Region. We are in charge of screening the level of talent of 4th-grade students throughout the region by our comprehensive Invenio diagnostic system. As part of the project, we are also guarantors of the counseling center for gifted children and their closest ones.

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