Cooperation with Academia and Commerce

We cooperate with other research institutes on psychological and interdisciplinary projects, and not only within our focus but also in new topics on which, we are not specialized. You can contact us here if you are considering a collaboration.

Furthermore, we offer a cooperation on applied research projects for private companies in these areas:

  • In areas related to the research focus of INPSY (e.g., development of children in the family, parenthood, topics related to Internet behavior, diagnosis, and development of gifted children, etc.)
  • When implementing or processing data from applied research
  • As part of the development of diagnostic methods and measuring tools for commercial entities

If you are interested, contact us here.

Cooperation with Students

Bachelor's and Master's students of the Department of Psychology FSS MUNI have the opportunity to write their theses under the supervision of the experienced researchers of INPSY. If you are interested in this type of collaboration, we recommend viewing profiles and research projects, then contacting the selected persons directly.

INPSY welcomes scholars who are pursuing doctoral studies within our research area. INPSY members can serve as supervisors and consultants and your dissertation can be completed at the Department of Psychology FSS MUNI. You can study in either the Czech or English postgraduate Psychology program (with specializations in social psychology, developmental psychology, general psychology, educational psychology, and organizational psychology) or the Clinical Psychology program (which focuses on research in therapy, psychometrics, and public health).

We recommend viewing the profiles of specific researchers and their research projects. Then, if you are interested, contact the selected people directly.

For Participants in Our Research

Thanks to willing participants, IVDMR is able to conduct research for many scientific projects. This cooperation results in improved psychological care and counseling (e.g., for gifted children in the Czech Republic), increased awareness of the risks of the online world, more precise knowledge about the current upbringing of children and related implications, and much more.

While conducting research, we strictly adhere to our fundamental ethical principles:

In carrying out any research, we pay attention to strict adherence to the fundamental ethical principles, which are:

  • Respect for the autonomy, privacy, and dignity of those involved
  • Risk minimization
  • Expertise
  • Social responsibility and applicability

Participation in our research is strictly voluntary. All participants (or legal representatives) receive clear information before the start of a study, including a description of what the study will entail. All participants have the opportunity to express their consent or non-consent. Also, if there is a need for the storage of personal data, we pay attention to its strict protection and inform participants how long we will keep their data. In the case of research that requires an independent ethical assessment before commencement, we use the services of the MU Research Ethics Commission. Furthermore, each study has a contact person whom participants can contact in case of any questions or uncertainties.

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